Thursday, May 21, 2009

A November Election - PLEASE!

Im getting fed up of people and the media winging on about MPs expenses he rules have allowed them to do this - indeed the whole point of the expenses was to stop an MPs revolt in the first place

MPs weather you agree or not deserve to be paid more than some backwater comprehensive

I don't see many MPs actually breaking any laws - the ones that did it for a tax fiddle on sold homes etc. should be slapped hard and pay it back

Now lets move fucking on - there's a country to run.

Interestingly all this shit has actually caused the Torys a lot of percentage points in the popularity stakes - Labour could not be much lower - but then that's par for the course if you been in power this length of time. Go on Gordon - here's your opportunity - A November election - announce it now before the Euros. you may not get a better opportunity.

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