Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Labourt or Conservative

I find it VERY VERY Frightening that guys here - whom I thought had some level of political intelligence - and sense of world history could be so right wing,
To utter that you could even consider putting the conservatives into power again so soon after the disaster that was the Thacher/Major governments are so fresh in our collective memory sounds like an appeasement not seen since the German people rolled over and said fuck me to Hitler.

Of course the Tory fucker appeal to self interest - all you carbon suckin over stretched credit card junkies would rather see crumbling schools and hospitals if it means you got an extra £5 for your drug habit.

So If you want to undo all the good that Labour had worked for and don't forget it was .people like is that demanded equal rights, devolution better health care better schools equality and a world without strikes riots and bigots go ahead lets tear apart all we have achieved.

But don't insult my intelligences for one moment by saying Labour has done a BAD job - or that the Conservatives can do a better job because your living in cloud cookoo land.

I think LABOUR will win if an election is called now or later the people know which side their bread is butted, so you really should start to support the party of real social democracy and If you don't like them - then seek to change them - but please I beg you lets not make a terrible mistake here and let those fucking tory cunts back in.

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