Friday, August 31, 2007

HIV Ignorance on a Dating site in one hour - A Debate on HIV

" i wudnt hav sex with him" ... << You Probably Already Have ! If You used condoms - then No sweat!

"personally i wouldnt, whether it was safe or not, too much risk" < Right so you only go with guys who are NEG - Dont know - or Lie !

" i value my life and the people close to me in it to run such risks" The Only truly SAFE SEX is Phone Sex - Unless your using a Nokia - then check the battery serial no for fire risks.

"remember that there are people who dont get tested because they dont want to know their status" - George Michael recently stated hes not been tested out of fear -
What your doing is ruining any chance of a long life if indeed you are HIV - Your immune system is being eroded - Many of the drug therapy's work best in the very early stages of infection.
Leave it until one of the opportunistic diseases show up? If you don't know your status - You cannot begin to help yourself!

"my ex so called boyfriend given it me knowingly" NOT TRUE - You put yourself at risk - You had unprotected sex with a guy - All Men Lie - All men sleep around - Most men dont know their status - - When you met and decided to go unprotected - BAREBACKING - Did you both get tested together - Probably NOT - Take responsibility for your own health - TRUST NO ONE

"some individuals might not want to take the risk of having sexual contact with them"
Who Might THEM Be - The guy you slept with Last Night - Tonight or Tomorrow" - Be sure to look for HIV tattooed on his forehead if I were you!

There ain't never been a proven case of getting HIV through oral to my understanding - The Theoretical risk is there - and as its impossible to prove any specific single case of transmission - Thre have been concerns of dentists passing hiv - we know for example medical sharps are a real danger - and dont forget many guys mouths bleed after brushing -
** if this has NEVER happened to you you may indeed not have to worry about this method of transmission -

We NEED a fuckin education programme cause this generation is simply not getting the message!

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*•.¸*•.¸ safe sex¸.•*¸.•*
«•.* * WRAP IT UP *.•»
¸.•*¸.•* safe sex *•.¸*•.¸
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